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I created this community because there is no a dedicated community for all Edinburgh gamers. It's designed to allow as many gamers as possible to interact with each other, share info and meet up and plan games. I'm also going to try and get as much in the way of Edinburgh specific role playing info gathered here in the biography as possible. If anyone notices anything we are missing, then make a post or add a comment and I'll try and get it added ASAP.

Useful Info

Gaming Organizations

Orc Edinburgh (http://www.orcedinburgh.co.uk/)

We meet every Saturday in Caffe Nero/EasyInternet on Rose Street, Edinburgh between 12.15pm and 12:45pm. You'll find us upstairs in the seating area. Just look for a collection of people with small rucksacks ;-). New faces are always welcome!
After meeting in Caffe Nero we then head off to The Three Tuns pub (which has an under18s license until 8pm) where we play normally until 5pmish.

G.E.A.S (http://geas.eusa.ed.ac.uk)

Geas is the Edinburgh University role playing club. It organizes Conpulsion, a two-day convention, every March as well as making rooms available to role players on a Wednesday and Sunday.

South East Scotland Wargames Club (http://www.seswc.org.uk)

SESWC is the local war games club and covers everything from Napoleonic to 40K and also includes some role playing. It meets in Warriston Thursday nights at 7:00pm till 11:00pm. It is also the organization that is responsible for the Claymore Wargames Conventions that runs every August.

Watt Gamers (http://www.wattgamers.co.uk/)

This is the Herriot Watt University Gaming Society. They also have an LJ feed at hw_gamers. The schedule for when games are running can be found here (http://www.wattgamers.co.uk/games/).

LARP Organizations

Camarilla Edinburgh (http://www.cam-edinburgh.org.uk/)

The Camarilla runs Live Action Role playing Games every week in Edinburgh. They run the full range of White Wolf Based Games. Contact them directly for more details.

Fools and Heroes (http://www.foolsandheroes.com/ED.html)

This live combat LARP runs once a month (usually on the 3rd Sunday) at one of their various sites.

Shops and Suppliers

Black Lion (http://black-lion.co.uk)

This is the Main role playing shop for Edinburgh. It has a massive selection of RPG's, Board Games and Miniatures. You can find it at 90 Buccleuch Street, Edinburgh.